The Top 2021 Converse Collaborations are Unveiled!

The Top 2021 Converse Collaborations are Unveiled!

Believe it or not, Converse ranked 4th place for the second year in a row on StockX’s 2020 Top Brands. Isn’t that just kick-you-in-the-crotch, spit-on-your-neck fantastic? Yes! Converse outranked New Balance, Kanye’s Yeezys, and Vans. So, what’s next for Converse Collaborations? Let us give you a taste of what’s coming. 

So, Converse is not backing down so easily. Of course not now that it’s hanging with the kings of sneakers. In fact, the Brand has already laid a solid “Converse Collaborations” foundation featuring CDG, Off White, and many more! This sneaker brand that long revolutionized Basketball kicks has its mind set on marking the athleisure footwear industry. And the All-Star is ready to make 2021’s sneaker battle as fierce as hell. But, before we get dazzled with 2021’s Top Converse Collaborations, let’s take a look at previous successes. 

Top Converse Collaborations – A Look Back

Looking back at its breaking successes, we can assert that Converse’s strong sneaker presence is due to the strong collaborations with the biggest names in fashion. In fact, the most popular Converse kicks on StockX are mainly the fruits of collabs. Above all, names like “Fear Of God”, Ambush and COMME des GARÇONS highlighted converse iterations. Each brand articulated the 1908 silhouette adding creativity, innovation, and outstanding aesthetics which accentuated its impact on the sneaker industry. Well, we’re not going to keep bragging. You can see for yourself with the following dope kicks. 

Converse CDG Polka Dot Black

The Converse Comme des Garçons collab is the sweetest of most collabs! Their hype releases feel candy-sweet! The CDG popular Polka Dot Black is a bold testimony of this fact. This Polka Dot Black sports a red heart on the All-star ankle and Polka Dot pattern overlay. Like we needed another feature to highlight their irresistible charm. 

Converse CDG Polka Dot Black

RELEASE DATE 10/06/2017

What’s best about the Japanese fashion house and Converse releases is their accessibility. On the contrary to other sneakers, them’ affordable prices make the CDGs so hyped and a must-cop

Converse x Off-White Vulcanized

These kicks are arguably the most hyped of all the converse collabs. Well, we don’t expect any less when Converse, and Off-White team up! This pair maintains the OG Chuck Taylor Hi silhouette while adding an offbeat touch of translucent white upper. Having a resale price worth 10 times its retail price, this pair dominated 2018 as the last sneaker of  Off White’s “The Ten” collection

Converse Off White Vulcanized

RELEASE DATE 05/12/2018

Converse Ambush White

Ambush exhibited the true and undiscovered potential of the Converse in their Ambush White. Their 2019 Whites release was a true unexpected Converse expedition. The pair reimagines the OG US winter military boots initially iterated by Converse in the 1950s. The all-white design is on another level when compared to classic Taylor Chuck designs. 

Converse Ambush White

RELEASE DATE 10/19/2019

2021’s Top Converse Collaborations

Year after year, Converse is standing taller among sneaker brands. And this year, Converse is risking it all with exquisite partnerships. The All-Star revealed indeed 12 upcoming collab releases to make an exceptional year. These include Kim Jones, Telfar Clemens, CDG, Off-White, Tyler the Creator, Bandulu, Chinatown Market, Julius Erving, Natasha Cloud, Draymond Green, and Alexis Sablone. 

Unfortunately, to this day, there is no specific information regarding the release dates, prices, and designs featured in these upcoming Converse collaborations. That’s a bummer we know. However, joining cook groups will keep you updated with the latest release news and best botting proxies to use. 

All this ambiguity is psyching us up! We can’t wait to see whether 2021’s Converse Collaborations abide by 2021’s sneaker trends or not. We just have to wait. 

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