Best Shoe Bots 2017: Which Bot Will Give You the Best Chance to Cop?

Most sneakerheads know what bots are. And why they’re an all-important tool on release day. Good shoe bots can be the difference between copping and missing out. Simply put, bots give you the greatest chance to cop when your favorite sneakers drop.

If you’ve tried shopping for a bot, you know it can be a challenge. For one, it seems like every bot creator claims to have the best bot around. But if everyone’s claiming to have the best and fastest tool, which bots really are at the top of the sneaker game?

We put together this quick overview to help sneakerheads compare bots. We’ll highlight some features to look for, how you can compare bot success rates, each bot’s popularity, and their advanced features. Ultimately, you’ll be prepared to buy the best bot, and cop those new YEEZYs when they drop.


What Features Do the Best Sneakerbots Have?

If you’re shopping for a shoe bot, there are a few features that all the best have. Be sure the bot includes:

  • Auto Retry: On launch day, sites crash and checkouts get bogged down. The best bots have auto retry upon failure technology, meaning the bot continues to retry until it can perform the task.
  • Regular Updates: Sneaker sites and manufacturers are constantly updating their sites to outsmart the bots. In turn, bot makers must regularly update their technology to stay ahead of the game. The best bots are regularly updated and typically offer free updates for a specific period of time.
  • Multiple Site Compatibility: The top sneakerbots offer compatibility with a wide range of cop sites. You can save yourself time and money buying a sneakerbot that works with multiple sites, rather than having to use a different bot for every channel.
  • Multiple Account: On release day, you want to cop as many pairs as possible. If your bot doesn’t allow multiple accounts, copping multiples becomes difficult. The best bots allow multiple accounts – AIO Bot, for instance allows 100 accounts – meaning you can run dozens of accounts at the same time. You’ll maximize your copping potential.
  • Multithreaded: A bot that’s multithreaded can perform multiple tasks simultaneously. That’s why it’s possible for a sneakerbot to move from login, to select, to checkout faster than humanly possible.


4 Ways to Compare the Best Shoe Bots

 Now that you know what to look for in a sneakerbot, how can you go about comparing the most feature-rich options? Here are a few ways to compare sneakerbots:

       1. Check Twitter for Cop Retweets

Twitter holds a lot of sway in the sneaker game. It’s often the best source for first looks, early links for new releases, and info on drop day.

Sneakerheads, in particular, love to boast about successfully copping – or in some cases, missing out — on release day. These so-called “success tweets” reveal a lot about the tools that helped them land an exclusive YEEZY or Air Jordan release.

Where can you look? Most bot creators’ official Twitter pages are full of retweets of people who have successfully copped using their technology. These tweets will help you see what the release looked like, how successful the cop was, the hoops the user had to jump through, and obstacles and benefits of a particular bot. These tweets are also usually featured on the bot creator’s website; for example the AIO Bot’s YEEZY Success page features a ton of successful cop stories from its users.

       2. Comparing Bots based on Website Traffic and Engagement

Comparing web traffic is an inexact measure of a bot’s popularity, but nonetheless, traffic does offer insights into which bots people are most interested in using. For example, we compared the traffic of the Top 3 Bots in the Sneaker World over a three month period, using data from SimilarWeb, a global analytics research firm.


The best bots based on traffic were:

  1. AIO Bot
  2. BetterNikeBot
  3. NikeSlayer

Not only did AIO Bot far outpace the Nos. 2 and 3 in terms of traffic – by 100,000+ visitors – AIO Bot also had higher engagement levels, i.e. people spent more time on the AIO Bot website.

sneaker bots

       3. Read Reviews on  offers in-depth reviews of the top shoe bots. There are currently six bots on the site, including NikeSlayer, BetterNikeBot, and AIO Bot. Each review is based on four criteria:

  • Support
  • Usability
  • Price
  • Copping Power

All of those measures matter to bot buyers, but obviously, the most important is copping power, i.e. the software’s ability to successfully cop sneakers. AIO Bot earned the site’s top rating for copping power – the only bot reviewed that earned a 5-star rating in the category. In fact, the site calls AIO Bot a “stock devastator” for its ability to wipe out new releases.

       4. Advanced, Game-Changing Features

Finally, the best sneakerbots adapt to industry-wide changes and new technologies. Here’s an example: Adidas recently incorporated HMAC security into their checkout process, a technology that can slow and/or prevent bots from arriving at the add-to-cart directly page.

AIO Bot is the only sneakerbot with a reliable solution. Called HMAC Destroyer, the feature utilizes proxies to create HMAC Threads. These threads use proxies to continually refresh the splash page. When a thread gets through to the product page, a task is created and the item is checked out.

hmac destroyer aio logo

HMAC Destroyer was a key part in AIO Bot’s great success during the ultra-limited Yeezy Boost 350 v2 Zebra release. The release lasted just minutes, but AIO Bot successfully helped numerous people cop.

We are proud of the fact that AIO bot turned out to be at the top based on all criteria and we aim to continue providing our customers with the best possible service in the future.

Some of the success tweets from Yeezy Boost 350 v2 Zebra release

Some of the success tweets from Yeezy Boost 350 v2 Zebra release

Bottom line: If you want to maximize your chances of copping some YEEZYs or other limited-run sneakers, you can’t go it alone. You need a bot.
The best shoe bots are easy-to-use, have consistent success, and are effective. As you shop for a shoe bot, hopefully, these tips can help you narrow down your options, and determine which is the best for your needs.

In the case you need more information and assistance feel free to contact us anytime.

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