Yeezy 101: Where to Buy Yeezys and Sell ’em for Dummies

Yeezy 101: Where to Buy Yeezys and Sell ’em for Dummies

This is the guide about where to buy and sell Yeezys for you, a dummy.

The whole world is sitting in anticipation for the upcoming holiday releases. ‘Round this time of year a lot of noobs wearing Supreme hoodies they bought at resale join the copping game and hop on the hype train to learn how to cop at retail, save money, and make money.

Let’s get something straight. Till this day, copping Yeezys is still your first-class ticket. Especially the upcoming Static Reflective 350 v2, which is dropping in limited quantities. The celebrated sneaker is not for the cheapskates at retail. Not to mention how high its retail prices will be on the aftermarket.

Dedicated sneakerheads know well by now where to buy and sell Yeezys, but the new kids need a lesson. Luckily, it’s not so complicated. Here’s a basic beginners’ guide about where to buy and sell Yeezys, for dummies!


Try to Buy Yeezys for Retail

Honestly, if you were trying to do this a year or two ago, you’d get a big fat L. But today it’s not impossible to cop manually. Due to higher production numbers, Yeezy stock isn’t getting sold out instantly, but that doesn’t mean you should sleep. If you want it, you go get it before your size sells out. 

Based on the drops of 2018, the hype on Yeezys may not be as high as it used to be. Yet resellers still try to eat up the stock if there are no bigger releases in the same month. However, now with the limited reflective version of the 350 v2 Static and more rumored new Yeezys, the hype is gradually gaining speed.

Using a sneaker bot is an efficient way to ensure you’re using the most of your copping abilities. With a sneaker bot, server, and proxies, you increase your chances of copping and give yourself an extra boost on release day.


Buy Yeezys from People Who Sell Yeezys

Usually, people who buy Yeezys from resellers are those sneakerheads who have taken a sad L on a Yeezy drop when they deeply wanted the shoe. Shoe freaks are serious about having certain items in their collection and don’t give a flying *bleep* how much they’re paying for it.

However, sometimes a reseller will anonymously buy a pair from another reseller when he thinks he can sell the shoe for more like if he has a loyal customer he can’t disappoint who is willing to pay more for his specific shoe size.

What dictates whether or not you can trust a reseller?

You’ve got different types of resellers at work with buying and selling Yeezys. I’ve divided the popular ones into levels:

Level A: In-Store Resellers Who Are Serious About Their Reputation

First and foremost, if you have the opportunity, go to these two stores:

  • Flight Club
  • Stadium Goods

These two are serious about reselling and will accept no fufus. Their in-store and online service is top-notch. They will check for authenticity several times before selling.
Whether you’re planning to buy or sell Yeezys, these two must be your go-to stores. Because of their reputation, you’ll be able to sell your Yeezys for decent prices that buyers are willing to pay for because they get an in-hand experience at the guaranteed authentic pairs.

Level B: Online Sites Vetting Their Resellers

I know too well that buying items online can make us all anxious, especially since we’ll be sharing credit card information to complete strangers for a product that’s priced exceedingly high. However, the closest you can get to touching legit Yeezys is when you can actually buy Yeezys from a vetted reseller through a secure payment process offered by:

  • StockX
  • GOAT app

Level C: Reseller Accounts

Then you got stores like Grailed (US) and Klekt (EU) who, don’t check for authenticity but, allow resellers to make an account and sell their products on these trusted websites. Unlike eBay or Craigslist, these sites are dedicated to men’s fashion, so it’s a perfect place for resellers to target their direct audience and a great place for buyers to buy Yeezys.

Level D: Popular E-Commerce Sites

Finally, you can try:

  • Facebook groups specific for Yeezy sales
  • eBay listings
  • Craigslist

I mean, these are okay to sell Yeezys on, but I wouldn’t buy Yeezys off there if I wanted authentic ones. Unless, of course, the reseller has a good rating and reputation, and if I were that desperate for one. But you can’t guarantee that it’ll be legit. You’re taking a risk when you’re shopping on level D, although it’s becoming extremely popular.



Note to Resellers

I wrote an in-depth article a while back, that talks about how to maximize the resale value of your shoes. In my research, I found that reputation is very important in building a clientele. It is extremely vital that you build your reputation as a reseller. The best way to do that is to sell sneakers that are legit. You need to become a pro at telling fufus from the authentic shit.

So that about sums it up your crash course. This has been a basic beginners’ guide to buying and selling Yeezys for dummies. 


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