Why The Dunk Street Hawker is a must cop for Hypebeasts

Why The Dunk Street Hawker is a must cop for Hypebeasts

The Nike Dunk Street Hawker calls attention to the foodie in all of us! I suggest you order Chinese as you read this article. Trust me, you’re gonna thank me for that advice later on! So, let’s get technical. The Dunk Street Hawker takes part of the SB family in general and the Chinese-inspired designs in particular. The Guangzhou designer Jason Deng is the mastermind behind these kicks. 

This collab turns heads to the Chinese cuisine. Therefore, the sneakers’ patterns and colorways are a mere representation of six popular Chinese dishes. FYI, the sneaker itself screams the word “Food” on the heel tabs in Chinese calligraphy. Believe me, this shoe will surely rock 2021, for the love of shoes and FOOD! The interesting part is that this sneaker is a TWO in ONE!  The left light Beige shoe represents three flour-based dishes whereas the right shoe is a spicier version. 

You’re in for a heck of a cultural swoop. 

Nike Street Hawker Dunk Patterns

For the love of Flour

Let’s start with the left shoe. The suede forefront of this hype side highlights a Beijing green bean soup called Douzhi. The soup is paired with the Jiaoquan donut pattern on the toe area. The raised suede middle symbolizes shredded pita bread. However, as the bread is often marinated in mutton soup, the lateral side sports a soup watercolor pattern. The illustration on the heel displays Shanghai plain noodles and a 10-cent copper coin stitch.

But, how do you eat, you ask? The wood-grain textured Swoosh embodies the chopsticks that hold all the recipes together. The designer surely did not miss any detail! Even The calming shades of blue and white are seen in the midsole and insole refer in each case to the porcelain bowls and heavenly value of food.

Street Hawker Left Shoe

Hot Spicy Dishes

As for the right shoe, I’m sure you’ve got a taste of spices already from the first glance. The first ⅓ of the shoe includes a metallic toebox inspired by Chengdu hotpots. The toe zone illustrates the boiling chili-oil used in those areas.

Moving on to the 2/3, the middle of the shoe represents the cooking process of a goose dish. The ostrich leather on the lateral side symbolizes the goose’s skin. The silver Swoosh is the hook that holds the fired goose. The eyelet pattern is the flame spreading during the grilling process and the collar lining reminds us of the meat again.

The cooking oil shows off in the yellow outsole and the insole pictures rice paddies. AND.. saving the best for the last, we’ve finally reached the dessert! The final third heel pattern represents common Taipei dessert AKA a mix of shaved ice and taro balls.

Street Hawker Right Shoe


Dunk Street Hawker Release Information

I think that Nike and Chinese designer Jason Deng really hit it off in this one! It is like both Nike SB Dunk Low Raygun Tie-dye White and Black! In one! Double designs, double color palettes, and double laces! This pair comes with not one but two extra laces! The four laces embody the four famous Chinese seasonings colors: green (shallots), yellow (ginger), white (garlic), and black (black pepper).

Nike Street Hawker Low Dunk

Release Day: January 22, 2021
Retail Price: $110

As part of the double scheme also, perhaps you can resell this pair for double the regular resale profits. Who knows! We’ll have to wait till the release date to find out the answer! Although they were supposed to drop on Jan 13, the release day was postponed. These kicks will be available on  Nike SNKRS on January 22. With a retail price around $100, you can easily flip the Street Hawker for almost $1,000 !! Better choose wisely the proxies you’re gonna use! To do so, check out the following article

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