TBT: G Dragon Air Force 1 Korea Takes Regionals Seriously!

TBT: G Dragon Air Force 1 Korea Takes Regionals Seriously!

K-pop has been going international in the past few years. So naturally, Nike wouldn’t miss reaching out to the worldwide stans! With that, came the G Dragon Air Force 1 collaboration. However, the hometown always gets special treatment, and in this case, an exclusive pair of sneakers. So what went down with this collab, and what’s more to come? Find out all of that in this week’s throwback!

G Dragon Air Force 1: Who Knew A Coat of Paint Could Do This?

Although K-pop took the music scene by storm in the last years, they didn’t manage to cross the sneaker industry threshold. And if Nike’s famous for anything, it’s how good they are at creating hype trains! So naturally, they blurred the line between the music and sneaker industries, once again. This time though, it was all the way from South Korea! The international version of the kicks featured a black leather upper with a white swoosh and midsole. But the catch is that the black color wears out with time to reveal artwork by the one and only G Dragon!

g dragon air force 1 wear off

The Korea Exclusive G Dragon Air Force 1

Although we all love the international release, and it’s worth $472 on the aftermarket, there’s more for us! If you’re Korean or live in Korea, you had a chance that no one else on the outside had! Nike and G Dragon dropped a Korea-exclusive pair that frankly looks pretty dope. It kept all the deets of the global release, but swapped the white swoosh with a red one! The paint stroke stayed, the Peaceminusone daisy stayed, and the black upper naturally stayed!

g dragon air force 1 korea

Release Date: 11/23/2019
Retail Price: $200
Avg. Resale Value: $2,739

And here, we can see the power of regionals. Not everybody plays the hype game as well as Nike. By simply switching the color of the swoosh, and limiting the kicks to one country, they made everyone want it. And it’s not just sneakerheads, K-pop stans also come into the equation. The regional distribution is a pretty smart way to create hype, we’ve definitely seen that with Yeezys. It gives you the same feels a friends and family pair would!

G Dragon’s Peaceminusone Comes Back!

After the great success of the 2019 edition, the G Dragon Air Force 1 dons a white leather upper. The kicks are not much different than last year’s collaboration, they actually look like they went for invert colors. However, we still don’t know what original artwork the new release will reveal after wear.

g dragon air force 1 2020

Now to the important deets! Rumors say that the kicks are set to drop on November 25, 2020. That almost exactly one year after the first drop… Someone’s pretty sharp about their releases huh? Read more about the new G Dragon Air Force 1 here! And if you wanna stay up to date about everything sneakers, our blog is the place you’ll find it all.

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