Jordan 1 CO JP: Another Exclusive Pair Goes Public!

Jordan 1 CO JP: Another Exclusive Pair Goes Public!

There’s nothing like an exclusive pair of kicks, and prices on the resale market are proof enough. However, a specific line is one of the origins of this hype, and it’s all the way from Japan! Luckily, we’ll get a share of the awesome colorways with the new Jordan 1 CO JP Midnight Navy.

What Is CO.JP?

It all goes back to the 90s and early 2000s before the sneaker industry rose from the underground. The CO.JP line started as a series of releases exclusive to Japanese retailers. Some releases were extremely popular, their reputation preceded them. This line paved the way for future exclusive releases and collaborations. So if you own a pair of the OGs, you should treat it as a precious collector’s item! Another interesting bit is what CO.JP actually stands for. It actually means “Concept Japan” and was at some point the URL of Nike’s Japan website!

Jordan 1 CO JP Special Box

Jordan 1 CO JP: The Talk of 2020

After around 20 years, Nike dug into the archives and came up with a reintroduction of Jordan 1 CO JP! The first pair that dropped was Air Jordan 1 CO JP Metallic Silver. However, Japan got special treatment with the exclusive silver packaging and shoebox. And this is gonna happen again with the not-so-new midnight navy colorway.

Jordan 1 Co JP Silver

Release Date: 8/7/2020 (World) – 7/25/2020 (Japan)
Retail Price: $170
Avg. Resale Value: $275 (regular box) – $1,023 (special box)

Air Jordan 1 CO JP Midnight Navy

The upcoming midnight navy colorway will come in a white leather upper with navy blue suede overlays. The swoosh shines in a metallic silver along with the wings logo. A white midsole sits on top of the midnight navy outsoles. Finally, a nice touch is the CO.JP branded insole. The previously Japan-exclusive pair will have a worldwide release with a special run for Japan. The exclusive Japan drop will include a silver business-style shoebox.

Jordan 1 CO JP Midnight Navy

Release Date: 11/14/2020 (US & Asia)
Style Code: DC1788-100
Retail Price: $170
Avg. Resale Value: $269 (regular box)

The pair already dropped on October 31 in Europe and on October 22 in Japan. The Japan special box currently resells for an average of $611!

Jordan 1 CO JP Midnight Navy Is A Must-Cop!

Whether you’ve got a good Nike bot or an all-in-one bot, you’ll probably need to use them for that release. Cool-looking drops like this will definitely have demand beyond the number of kicks dropping! So make sure you go in full force with the best bot in the market: AIO Bot V2

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