MoMA Vans 2020: It’s Magical When Art Meets Sneakers.

MoMA Vans 2020: It’s Magical When Art Meets Sneakers.

The sneaker industry is getting bigger by the minute. But every now and then a collaboration comes to remind us how versatile the industry is. The upcoming MoMa Vans collab is just that! So sneakerheads who appreciate art are going to have a field day copping this release!

MoMA Vans: Sneaker Art Connoisseurs Unite!

We can’t really afford artworks by artists like Salvador Dali and Claude Monet. This month, the MoMA Vans collab will allow us to rock them with the new sneakers and apparel. It’s worth noting that it’s not the first collaboration between Vans and the Museum of Modern Arts. Their first partnership was a celebration of the reopening of MoMA last year. Now let’s see what this pack includes! This collaboration is split into two drops, the first on September 30, the second in November. All works featured in the collab are from works you can find at the museum!

moma vans checkers

moma vans partnership

MoMA Vans Old Skool Salvador Dali: The Persistence of Memory (1931)

The Persistence of Memory is one of Dali’s most famous works. It represents decaying timepieces and ants attacking them. And now, you can own this amazing painting on your sneakers and clothes! The Vans Old Skool incorporates the details of this painting in a very smart way on the side panels and the midsole. So if you’re into surrealism, you need to own this pair! The apparel collection includes a sweater and a hoodie that we absolutely love.

moma vans salvador dali

MoMA Vans Slip-On Vasily Kandinsky: Orange (1923)

This one is a gem of Abstract art. Vans took a simpler approach with the Slip-Ons by leaving the midsole bare white. The painting is simply there on the upper and they look like a cool pair of kicks. So people with no art experience can also enjoy his pair easily. The accompanying items are a hoodie, tee, and cap! So make sure you keep this on your must-cop list and you won’t regret it.moma vans orange

MoMA Vans Authentic Claude Monet: Water Lilies (1914-26)

Now that we went through surrealism and abstract art, it’s time for impressionism. This pair gives off a tie-dye vibe that’s actually very trendy in 2020. But when we inspect them closely, the kicks feature Monet’s Water Lilies. The Water Lilies is interestingly not a single painting, it’s a series and they’re all inspired by Monet’s garden in Giverny. He spent the last decades of his life working on these series. However, he reworked and them in 1914 – 1926. So when you wear this pair, you’re rocking a legacy! A hoodie and a really cool hat complete this pack.

moma vans monet

Why You Should Cop the MoMa Vans Pack!

Since you can’t afford the pieces, hang them kicks on the wall for starters. No, but for real, the MoMa Vans collaboration is one of those limited edition designs you’ll regret not owning. Moreover, low stock means high revenues. So bring on the cash! But with such nice looks, you’ll need to keep them sneakers clean and store them well! Luckily, we’ve got just the tips you need for this. So don’t forget to keep checking our blog, you’ll always find something you like in here.

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