New Nike Releases Are Dominating This Weekend’s Drops!

New Nike Releases Are Dominating This Weekend’s Drops!

It’s almost the weekend and new Nike releases are making it up for us since we’re all still on lockdown due to COVID-19! And now that the Royal Blue 1s dropped, we’re focusing our sight on the near future and what it holds for us, besides the Metallic Pack and the Brazil Dunks! So let’s take a look at all the kicks you’re gonna want to have so bad.

Air Max 90 Green Camo

Taking a great deal of attention, the upcoming Air Max 90 Green Camo generated a lot of buzz. The fact that it’s an electric green alternative to Air Max Day’s Red Reverse Camo, which ANB 2.0 users copped successfully makes the kicks a success. So if you’re looking for new Nike releases that are worth the cop, this should be one of them!

new nike sneakers am90 green camo

Release Date: May 15, 2020
Style Code: CW4039-300
Retail Price: $140
Avg. Resale Value: $292

So whether you flippin’ or flexin’ make sure you have these kicks in your wardrobe because they’re worth it!

Nike Air Presto South Korea

The inspiration for this pair of Air Prestos is the new football jersey of the South Korean national team! Nike used the same color palette to make the upcoming kicks. The upper features a zebra pattern neoprene upper which is the same as the away jersey of the team. This reminds us that Yeezy Zebra is gonna restock later this year! The lace cages mismatch and feature the Koran flag colors: one in red, the other in blue. Naturally, the Korean flag can be found on the heels of the shoes. So all in all, these lifestyle kicks are worth spending your money on!

new nike releases air presto korea

Release Date: May 15, 2020
Style Code: CJ1229-100
Retail Price: $150
Avg. Resale Value: $225

LeBron 7 Lakers Media Day

Let’s do a tiny throwback to September 27, 2019. It’s Lakers Media Day, and LeBron James shows up in a stunning pair of kicks! The new pair features the Lakers color palette with detailings of LeBron’s jersey number and initials all over it. So obviously, the mismatched purple and yellow LeBron 7s is a close contender for the lion’s share of hype. It may also be the best looking pair of kicks out of the new Nike releases, but it’s all a matter of perspective.

new nike releases lebron 7

Release Date: May 16, 2020
Style Code: CW2300-500
Retail Price: $200
Avg. Resale Value: $421

So if you manage to cop the kicks and not really gonna wear them for the balling, flipping them will earn you some good side money! That’s why reselling has been one of the best side hustles for the last few years!

Nike Air Aqua Rift Sail Women’s

A weird silhouette requires a weird colorway! However, the kicks have a certain charm about them that we can’t really pinpoint. The upper is a mix of tie-dye and paisley patterns in different colors! However, this drop will be women exclusive, just like Melody Ehsani’s Jordans WMNS.

new nike releases nike aqua rift

Release Date: May 15, 2020
Style Code: CW2624-101
Retail Price: $140

Cop the New Nike Releases With ANB 2.0!

ANB 2.0 is doing better and better with each Nike drop! So if you’re looking for a bot to help you cop the new Nike releases, you’ve arrived at your destination. Make sure you join the waitlist to get your copy of the bot as soon as you can! Finally, if you’re wondering what to do with all the boxes after copping the new Nike releases, we got the answer for you!

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