Nike Chinese New Year Collection [2021]

Nike Chinese New Year Collection [2021]

Nike Inc. shows off its DEF design and sensual capabilities in its Nike Chinese New Year Collection. When we say capabilities, we mean releasing, for one line, 16 contrasting in design and colorway footwears. Not to forget that the CNY sneaker collection comes with a parallel apparel line also! Moreover, Nike INC. CNY collection unites most liked Nike silhouettes to celebrate the Year of the Ox. Nike silhouettes your loved Nike, Jordan Brand, and Converse.

I’m sure you know the silhouettes. So, let’s dig deeper into the Nike Chinese New Year Collection themes and designs. The 2021 CNY is inspired by a joyous temple fair called Miaohui. If you love new culture, you’ll enjoy the three design themes Nike used to narrate the fair. First, the fair witnesses explosive firecrackers “Crackle”. In addition, the whole place is amazingly designed with Chinese artisanal knots “Craftsmanship”. The full fair is nurtured by the natural blooming blossoms “Creation”. Moreover, Nike used the sneakers to express the different senses and textures of the fair. Now, let us sneaker celebrate together, the new lunar year!


While narrating the event, the Crackle theme represents the Chinese firecrackers. Well, who doesn’t like fireworks! The Crackle kicks off the 2021 Nike Chinese New Year Collection with an OG Low Dunk silhouette. The Dunk Low displays all the details related to those fireworks. You’ll notice the firecracker packaging and warning label print, wrinkle-paper textures, and fuse laces style. An interesting addition to the low dunk family under the crackle theme is the women’s-exclusive Low Dunk Disrupt. This new addition has a pink, red, and blue color palette. 

CNY Nike Dunk Low and Women's Nike Dunk Low Disrupt

Another highlight silhouette that the Crackle uses is the OG Air Jordan. The Air Jordan 1 is seen in a familiar Red and sail colorway. The Air Jordan 1 and Air Jordan 35 have a wear-away upper where a firecracker design is spotted underneath. 

Nike CNY 2021 Air Jordan 1- Air Jordan 35

In addition, the crackle leaves its touch on The Converse Chuck 70. In fact, these Converse kicks had their own unique firecracker inspired design.  They show an interesting addition to the Nike Chinese New Year Collection. The sneaker pulled off the OG firecracker package colorway. The converse designers customized a hype firecracker graphic print strap and stitched it along the heel tab. A similar strip is seen on the tongue of the shoe also. The translucent outsole of the sneaker mimics the firecracker graphics as well.

Nike CNY 2021 Converse Chuck 70

This theme is not just seen on the sneakers. Nike thought of a complete outfit for you! Crackle actually covers the apparel line as well. Moreover, fleece hoodies, heavy washed knit tees, and pants will have firecracker and warning label designs. The Jordan Brand introduced traditional Chinese costume inspired jackets and dresses.


The Craftsmanship inspired sneakers and apparel highlight the color-blocking knots, knots’ cords, and the knots’ pattern. It brings a sense of unity to the Nike Chinese New Year pack. For example, the woven detailing on the heel of the Air Max 2090 mimics using bold colors the Chinese knots’ pattern. Other Nike silhouettes are the Kyrie 7, SuperRep 2, and Blazer Mid 77. Don’t you think that the zigzag stitched Swoosh of the Blazer Mid is a very interesting way to symbolize Chinese knot cords? We love how much time the designers put into the fine detailing of every sneaker! Those select sneakers have a custom concentric/looped knot like stitch. 

Nike CNY 2021 Craftsmanship

But, to honor the year of the Ox, Nike went with the OG Air Jordan Low 1. They even used the OG Jordan colorway Bred for this important release. However, instead of using monochrome bred colors, the sneaker sports a Jacquard pattern accentuated with a gold color foil. The sneaker is also equipped with a removable red knot bracelet with a gold pendant around the ankle for luck. Something to wear on those important days of the year like a fateful work meeting for example! The sneaker also comes in a special commemorative box. 

Nike Chinese New Year 2021 Air Jordan Low 1

The Converse Chuck 70 displays knot-making as an embossed pattern on its upper. These kicks have contrasting red laces and outsole. The converse patch is a combination of black and red patent leather. 

Nike CNY 2021 Converse Chunck 70 embossed pattern

Nike took inspiration from craftsmanship and gave us the knot pattern and color-blocking on the apparel collection. CNY craftsmanship apparel includes a varsity jacket, hoodies, and crew fleeces. Nike also, in this collection, features its logo and custom knot logo on a special-edition Liverpool FC kit. 


This sub-collection brings out the soft pastel colors of the blooming Chinese flowers. People believe that flowers like peonies and orchids bring luck. That’s why Nike used pink. We can see this color in Nike Escape Run, the Air Max Verona, and the Blazer Mid Rebel. Nike Escape run is a new Nike silhouette that features a dual-density Nike React midsole that optimizes comfort, a shorter vamp, and longer eyestay. Those three sneakers favor a beige tone to refer to the months that follow the lunar new year. 

Nike 2021 Chinese New Year Collection

As for the Jordan Delta Breathe, these kicks sport a floral pattern and a UV Swoosh optimization. This special feature makes a Swoosh fade out of hyperpink. 

Nike Chinese New Year - Jordan Delta Breathe

The Converse Chuck 70 turns the celebration mode on of this festive collection with a Chinese inspired patchwork. FYI, the Chinese sew together the leftovers of fabrics to make new blankets. This chuck 70 also has a unique medial patch that shows a Chinese knot logo. These Nike Chinese New Year kicks come with two shoelaces (black/beige) and textured foxing tape.

Nike 2021 Chinese New Year Collection Converse woven details

Nike Chinese New Year Collection – Release Dates

The Chinese-inspired sneaker celebration has already begun on the 1st of 2021.

The holidays caught you up? Don’t be sad! The release game has just begun! The Nike Dunk launches on the 22d of January on SNKRS. In addition, you have the Jordan Brand sneakers. The Air Jordan V Low releases on January 14whereas the Air Jordan 1 Low OG releases on January 31. As for the CNY Converse Chuck 70, it releases starting January 21.

Better have your eyes wide open on those release dates. Some of these sneakers will surely help you pay the rent for a few months

For example, the Air Jordan 5 Low “Chinese New Year”.


Retail Price:  $215
Release Date: January 23, 2021
Resell: around $1,490

So, if you cop and flip 10 of these kicks, you’ll end up with almost 13,000$ in one day! And with proven success, ANB can certainly help you! And that’s just one example. 

Finally, this Nike Chinese New Year Collection has it all. It got lifestyle and performance choices. Nike took a big chance in creating a cultural sneaker celebration instead of focusing on the animal itself. Alongside this hot collection, Nike also, in other releases, shed light on the Chinese food culture as well with low dunks. For more information regarding updated release dates and specific sneaker lookouts, keep a close eye on our ANB blog.

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