TBT: Nike Avengers SB Dunk Isn’t Your Usual Comicstrip Hero!

TBT: Nike Avengers SB Dunk Isn’t Your Usual Comicstrip Hero!

We all love seeing our superheroes everywhere. That’s probably the first thing that’ll come to your mind when you hear Nike Avengers Dunk. Hate to break it to you though, they’re not even close! Although we’d actually love to see a Marvel x Nike Avengers, for now, we’ll stick to this interesting version! So get your best tie and dress shirt, because you’ll need them.

Nike Avengers Dunk Low Pro SB

Today, we’re going back to June 2005, exactly 15 years ago to remember this pair. Nike SB division drew inspiration from formal wear that you can usually spot bankers wearing day in day out! This contradiction is actually one of the major appeal points. Well, besides the actual design.

nike Avengers Purple

The Design and Colorways

The upper features pinstripe panels, the same pattern you’d find on your best dress shirts in all honesty! However, the toe box comes in smooth leather, and the whole look is complete with matching laces. We all know, laces to a shoe are the same as a tie to a shirt is! Nike Avengers Dunk dropped in two different colorways, blue and purple. And because Nike SB always does it differently, they dropped the exact same shoes later on but swapped the ordinary leather with patent leather. This iteration was more exclusive and definitely worth more! Finally, because a regular sneaker drop is too mainstream, Nike dropped apparel that matches the kicks.

nike Avengers Blue dunk

How Much Are They Worth?

The OG purple and blue Nike Avengers dropped in June 2005 and retailed for $65. Pretty cheap right? Well, you’re wrong. If you wanna buy the blue colorway off resale platforms, you’ll be paying at least $450. The purple Nike Avengers Dunk will also cost you an average of $900!

nike Avengers Purple dunk

Exactly 5 months later, the patent leather version of both colorways dropped, also for $65. The exclusivity (and the leather probably), made these kicks even more popular than the original drop. That’s why the blue patent leather Nike Avengers can be sold for up to $1,250! Meanwhile, the purples will cost you about $800.

nike Avengers Blue dunk PL

nike Avengers Purple dunk PL

Never Drop Dunks!

Resale values of Nike Avengers SB Dunks, Brazil, Strangelove, Travis Scott, and more are telling us something. Never pass on any Dunk release! You’ll regret it. The dunks are always a winning investment because if you don’t flip, they’re very stylish and interesting kicks to flex! So always make sure you have your bot up and running because you never know when you’ll hit that jackpot. And don’t forget to keep checking our blog for the newest sneaker news! 

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