Nike Dunk Elephant: One More Pair to Send to the Zoo!

Nike Dunk Elephant: One More Pair to Send to the Zoo!

Who doesn’t love a really good-looking colorway? Especially when it’s a classic that’s worth a lot on the resale market! Luckily for us, Nike seems to share the same sentiment because they’re bringing back our favorite kicks. One of the latest examples is the upcoming Jordan 1 CO.JP Midnight Navy. So let’s check out the latest heartthrob: Nike SB Dunk Elephant!

Nike Dunk Elephant: Memories of A Certain 2007 Pair

13 years ago, Nike and the Japanese store Atmos joined ranks and gave us one of the memorable pairs. Nike Air Max 1 Elephant print took the famous cracked grey leather and presented it in a wild way that we love! The pair currently resells for $856 on resale platforms. 10 years later though, the brands came back again for a rerelease of the jungle-based sneakers. The colorway survived the test of time and stayed relevant to the sneakerheads who sought it out! In fact, the kicks resell for an average of $896, and some pairs broke the $1,000 threshold.

Dunk Elephant - Air Max 1 Elephant

A Colorway That Radiates Power!

It’s been three years since the last rerelease, and Nike thinks it’s time for a trip down memory lane… with a twist! Nike Dunk Elephant features the exact same colorway on the skateboard kicks. However, it somehow looks even cooler now! The shiny jade blue swoosh sits on top of the black suede, with a white leather toe box. The cherry on top is naturally the grey elephant print overlays. How much cooler can a colorway get? Finally, a white midsole sits on top of a black outsole just like the OG kicks.

Nike Dunk Elephant

Release Date: 11/11/2020
Style Code: BQ6817-009
Retail Price: $110
Avg. Resale Value: $469

Animal Prints Never Go Out of Style!

Nike Dunk Elephant Print is proof enough. Some of the other animal prints we still remember is the Air Jordan Animal Instinct pack. So if you still haven’t hopped on the roaring animal train, now is a good time! The kicks drop tomorrow, that’s barely enough time to get your bots running! However, there will be a raffle on the ATMOS website, and hopefully, you’ll be a lucky winner. If the stock number is low, the battle will definitely need some bots to emerge victorious.

Nike SB Dunk Elephant

So if you’re still looking for a good Nike bot, we’ve got the list you need to check ASAP! But if you’re here in the hope of finding the best all-in-one bot, then look no further. AIO Bot V2 is just the bot you need for a happy and successful cook!

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