Is the Nike Flyease the Best 2021 Sneaker Innovation?

Is the Nike Flyease the Best 2021 Sneaker Innovation?

As much as we all love sneakers, there’s one thing we don’t quite fancy about them. The laces! Laces feel like too much trouble especially when we’re in a rush. And leveling up your lacing game is not as easy as you might think. But now, with Nike Flyease, there’s no need to tuck those laces inside the shoe anymore! Or worry about tying and untying them every time we go out! And that’s because the laceless Nike Go Flyease kicks are as easy as a slipper, and as stylish as a full-fledged sneaker! I bet mothers would ask for kids sizes asap! 

Nike Go FLyEase is so amazing! We even forgot for a second the hype of the 2021 Air Jordan lineup,  Yeezy releases, and Off White collabs! So, such OG kicks require an iconic concept don’t you think? Let’s see

Did The Prince of Bel-Air inspire Laceless FlyEase?

The iconic television series Prince of Bel-Air that debuted in 1990 is the mastermind behind laceless kicks. If you’re not familiar with the series, here’s what you need to know. The series evokes the story of Will, the 17-year-old teenager who got himself in a lot of trouble in his Philadelphia hood. So his mom sends him to live in LA with his wealthy Aunt and Uncle. As soon as the show started, sneaker fans directly knew they had to watch it. During the first episode, Will rocked a “Metallic” Air Jordan 5s. And through the six seasons of the show, Will wore more than 30 pairs of Nikes, Timberland, Doc Marten, and Air Jordan. He wore some kicks before they were even out! 

Prince of Bel Air Jordan 5

As for the laceless concept, Will Smith may be the one who debuted this trend in the ’90s. In fact, in the fifth episode, the sneakerhead styles up his Air Jordan 5 by removing the laces. That move was a real game-changer in sneaker history. Based on Will’s laceless AJ5, Nike released the laceless Air Jordan 5 NRG “Fresh Prince”. So, is it Will who inspired Laceless Flyease? 

Or is it Vans or Crocs behind slip-on FlyEase? 

Aside from laceless, the slip-on concept has long been in the sneaker industry as well. All Crocs, vans, and Yeezy slides, and Birkenstock models are actually slip-on. And they’ve gained such popularity after the outbreak of COVID-19 and everyone basically stayed at home since then. To the point where home slippers were among the most popular items based on the Lyst Q4 index in 2020. So, not long after, the Nike Flyease  division itself followed along and started making many slip-on kicks. Some had side zippers, latex mesh uppers, and more. So are crocs and vans the real inspiration behind slip-on Flyease? 

Asian Flyease Inspiration

Laceless and slip-on are two great sneaker qualities. And Nike, Air Jordan, Crocs, and Vans used each one of these qualities independently in a beautiful way. However, none of the previous shoe companies combined both qualities in one kick before Nike. It is Nike’s journey that’s filled with many trials and Asian Culture that lead the way to Nike Flyease. Sorry Vans and Will, I hate to break it down to you.  

So, we get the trial thing but what about the Asian Culture? Let me tell you. The company inquired that the shoe was inspired by Asian Cultures. In fact, Asian customs require habitants to remove their shoes before walking into the house. And them lazy people like us, simply kick the shoes off from the heel using their other feet. A No hands process. For that reason, Nike incorporated a bump at the heel: the “kickstand”. 

Nike Flyease Asian Inspiration

Nike Flyease is the best innovation of 2021

These shoes come alive when you wear them! What other innovation can think of that’s better than that! At a first glance, the overall deconstructed aesthetic of the Nike Flyease might give you a weird feeling. And if you read the shoe description that they have two detached foot-bed platforms, it will even sound weirder.

But, when you put them on, that’s when the magic happens. These kicks incorporate a bi-stable hinge mechanic that maintains the shoe in an open position. Once you insert your foot and push the shoe down, it’ll fit perfectly. In fact, the tensioner band that runs along with the shoe and works as a midsole directly pulls the shoe to give you the best fit. Talk about a revolutionary shoe mechanic! This shoe technology promotes stability and durability. 

Nike Go Flyease

Nike Go Flyease Release Information

After more than 5 years in the Nike cook lab, The Nike Flyease is finally out. The Flyease evolved drastically to become the most innovative, futuristic kicks of the century. Don’t be jealous Nike Mag. The Nike Go Flyease will drop in 3 colorways: black, Celestine Blue, and Dynamic Turquoise. 

Nike Flyease Colorways

Release Date: February 15, 2021
Retail Price: $120

As for the release, Nike is giving its loyal customers a chance to rock the Flyease kicks at first. Thus, The Flyease pair will be available to select Nike members on February 15th with a retail price of $120. We expect a worldwide drop on March 19th, 2021. For future updates, you can check our blog or these websites that provide the latest news. As these kicks will no doubt alter the 2021 sneaker culture and trends, prepare your best bot! A fierce copping game is around the corner. 

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