TBT: Nike Freddy Krueger Dunks and Halloween Revisits!

TBT: Nike Freddy Krueger Dunks and Halloween Revisits!

We like a bit of spook, don’t get us wrong, but flat out horror is definitely what we’re here for! Is it really the end of October if we don’t binge-watch scary movies that keep us awake at night? Naturally, Nike didn’t leave the occasion without sneakers to commemorate the occasion. They chose a pretty classic movie that horror junkie would definitely enjoy. And thus, we got A Nightmare on Feet: Nike Freddy Krueger Dunks!

Nike Freddy Krueger and 2007’s Halloween!

Today, we’re jumping 13 years back in time. As we already know, Nike is famous for its Halloween packs, and it never disappoints! And in 2007, the swoosh went all out and almost got some legal action out of it! The pack included two movie-inspired Dunks, one high, one low. The Nike Dunk High was a tribute to Friday the 13th famous Jason Voorhees! The white and red overlays are a direct nod to the villain’s hockey mask. The black leather is probably for his dark old clothes.

Nike Freddy Krueger - Jason Voorhees Dunk High

Release Date: 10/27/2020
Retail Price: $75
Avg. Resale Value: $964

Nike Freddy Krueger Dunks: A Bone-Chilling Story

Think that’s interesting? Well, that was just the appetizer. The main entertainment today is the Nike Freddy Krueger SB Dunk. The horror movie star kept us awake so many nights in fear of his visits. And horror movies like A Nightmare on Elm Street become classics without any doubts. So naturally, Nike was giving a tribute to the franchise. However, this time they went a teeny tiny bit with the Nike Freddy Krueger Dunks. The green and red stripes on the upper symbolize Freddy’s iconic sweater. The silver swoosh is his… claws? And the blood-like stains on the flesh-colored overlays just adds a new creepy dimension! Finally, the cherry on top is the burnt flesh insoles that mimic Freddy’s face.

Nike Freddy Krueger Dunks

Unfortunately, Freddy’s sweater is a registered trademark, and Nike got themselves a Cease & Desist letter. So the kicks didn’t get the public release they deserve. Nike had to pull out all the pairs a few days before release from the stores. However, some pairs escaped the burning (which is fitting, considering Freddy’s face and all) and made it to the hands of a lucky few. This rare existence made the kicks something of a legend and a collector’s item. Which, in turn, makes the resale value go up!

Nike Freddy Krueger SB Dunk

Release Date: Unreleased (2007)
Avg. Resale Value: $6,000

Nike Freddy Krueger Air Max 95

13 years later, and Nike didn’t get over that nightmarish memory. That’s why, on Halloween 2020, we’re getting a new Nike Freddy Krueger pair of kicks! However, this time they’re a bit more subtle, and they dropped the whole green and red sweater combo. Although all this year’s Halloween sneakers are as fresh as pumpkin juice, the Air Max takes the cake! Another interesting bit about this pair is that we don’t have a release date yet. So will we get a surprise drop on Nike? We’ll just have to wait and see!

Nike Freddy Krueger Air Max 95

Release Date: N/A
Avg. Resale Value: $514

In the meantime, the new Slam Jam Nike Dunk High is dropping really really soon! And if you like your color palettes simple, this is the pair for you. So make sure you’ve got one of the best Nike bots to cop this drop and more! And if you’re looking to cop it off Shopify or other sites, .check our guide to the best sneaker bots in 2020.

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