TBT: The Rise of Nike Newcastle Brown Ale SB Dunks!

TBT: The Rise of Nike Newcastle Brown Ale SB Dunks!

Another Thursday, another throwback! However, this week’s throwback isn’t like any other. Well, that’s because its story is still going on to this day. Now that the Simpsons are dropping their own Vans, and Off White Jordans are back, it’s time for oldies! Let’s take a look at the Dunks that came back from the dead: The Nike Newcastle sneakers!

Nike Newcastle Dunks

Now, this is a story worth checking out. Nike Dunks went through several highs and lows. And this colorway was extremely underrated. Maybe it’s due to the theme being underwhelming compared to theme dunks. And theme Dunks were everything in 2008. So when Nike Newcastle Dunks dropped, they didn’t get the hype and love they deserve. And honestly, releases like the Red Lobster Dunks dominated the SB Dunk scene! Mind you, the Nike Newcastle isn’t a universal grail, but it is a personal grail for some.

nike newcastle sb dunks

About the Design

Nike Newcastle Brown Ale SB Dunk’s name says it all. The inspiration behind the colorway is the literal Newcastle Brown Ale, which is a beer brand. The golden suede is a nod to the label, and the blue swoosh takes a queue from the star. The brown suede overlays represent the bottle and beer color themselves. Finally, the last detail is the heel branding that matches the font on the label. So all in all, the Nike Newcastle dunk is very true to the course material!

Nike Newcastle Dunk

Release Date: June 1, 2008 (Gold Box)
Retail Price: $90

Market Talk!

Now we’re going to discuss the resale value. Although the kicks are cool, they were not worth much on the secondary market. In other words, if you missed the release, you can easily get the kicks for an extra $20. But that slowly changed as the years passed. The kicks resale value increased slowly… and then 2020 happened. The Dunks are back in style, and celebrities are helping. Although people like Offset and Kylie Jenner are rocking the Dunks, nobody does it better than Travis. In fact, him rocking the Nike Newcastle Dunks made their resale value skyrocket! The average resale value is currently $603, but some pairs are actually selling for more than $1,000!

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Nike Newcastle Isn’t The Only Beer Dunk!

Alright. So, Nike Newcastle is one of several pairs, and beer Dunk sounds like a party game! But seriously, Nike served us with some really cool Dunks throughout the years, most are worthy of being collector items! So let’s take a trip through memory lane and remember iconic beer Dunks!

Nike SB Dunk Low Heineken

Years before the Nike Newcastle Dunks, there was the Heinekens. Legend says that only 4,000 pairs exist because legal issues stopped production. The kicks feature a green upper and a red star, same as the Dutch beer. The little red star was the cause of the legal problem.  However, the pairs that made it to the market in 2003 currently resell for an average of $2,976!

Nike Dunk Heineken

Nike Dunk SB Tecate

Who knew the Mexican beer’s packaging would make such a great colorway? The red, black, and gold kicks dropped in 2010 and resell for about $270 10 years later! So if you’re looking for a collectible for a reasonable price, you got it!

Nike Dunk Tecate

Nike Beer Bottle Pack – Heineken and Budweiser

In 2012, Nike dropped a beer pack! Because what’s better than one pair? Two! One pair is a high top version of the 2003 Heinekens. The other pair is a nod to Budweiser, with a brown suede upper and red laces.

Nike Dunk High Heineken

Nike Dunk Budweiser

Nike Dunk High Guinness

The black and tan leather kicks are definitely worth our attention. The inspiration behind this is, as the name suggests, Guinness beer. The release was exclusive back in 2012. However, the kicks are underrated today, and you can get them for $209!

Nike Dunk Guinness

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