Nike SB Dunk Raygun: Remaking A Funky History!

Nike SB Dunk Raygun: Remaking A Funky History!

Nike has been creating several iconic silhouettes. For example, everyone is very excited to see their take on the Nike Air Ship and Air Jordan 1 remakes in 2020! And now it’s time for the Nike SB Dunk Raygun release!

Why Nike SB Dunk Raygun?

Nike SB Dunk Raygun Sandy Bodecker

This particular colorway of the Nike SB Dunk was Sandy Bodecker’s favorite, especially that he was often wearing the Roswell Raygun hoodie. Bodecker is the godfather of Nike SB, as he was the man behind the power of Nike SB. People often joked that SB stood for Sandy Bodecker, and that’s how influential he was to the industry! However, not all stories have happy endings, and Bodecker passed away in 2018 after fighting cancer and losing his voice in the process, but definitely not his happy soul.

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Since working his way up from a footwear tester at Nike in the 80s, Sandy Bodecker left his mark on everything from running to soccer at the Swoosh. His most lasting legacy, though, was giving skaters a voice at Nike and building SB from a crazy idea into what it is today. ⁠ ⁠ With an outsized personality, a stubborn will and two middle fingers always in the air, if it was impossible, Sandy was the guy to get it done. He helped shape everything that Nike SB has become: from the team of riders to the way we think about the shoes themselves. ⁠ ⁠ Although he passed away in October of 2018, his fingerprints are still all over everything we do here at Nike SB. This is our tribute to the man who put the SB in Nike SB. Respect.⁠ ⁠ Watch now at #linkinbio

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Throwback Thursday: The Roswell Rayguns

“Few people know the story of the 1975 Roswell Rayguns, that year’s laughing stock of the ABA. The team struggled until mid-season, when something very strange happened. A time-travelling funk ship arrived in Roswell, and out walked Dr. Funk and his line-up of mid-2000s all-stars, stylin’ and profilin’, to join the team and absolutely dominate the ABA (American Basketball Association). In addition to all the talk around the futuristic basketball skills of the Rayguns’ new line-up, the league was buzzing about their Dunks, which, rumour has it, were developed deep within a top-secret Nike testing facility in 2005.” – Nike 


Although basketball was the birthplace of the Roswell Rayguns, skateboard actually made them what they are today! Thus, we got the Nike SB Dunk Raygun.

Nike SB Dunk Raygun: The Tie-Dye Comeback

The kicks we didn’t know we needed! Nobody is sad about the fact that Nike SB Dunk Raygun is making a comeback at all. This time the kicks are dropping in two iterations: black and white. Instead of just re-releasing the originals, the SB Dunks are getting a tie-dye makeover!

The black colorway is dropping on Nike SNKRS and at select retailers’ in both adult and kids sizes on December 27, 2019. However, the white colorway will be exclusive and will drop at skate shops only on December 28.
Both kicks will retail for $100. And resale wise, the black kicks currently resell for an average of $300 and whites for $367

Nike SB Dunk Raygun Black

Where To Buy

Nike SB Dunk Raygun White

Should You Get The Nike SB Dunk Raygun? 

I mean, who wouldn’t want a pair of funky sneakers in their collection? Luckily, Nike likes its classics and hopefully will bring back more popular silhouettes in the future. In the meantime, you can check out these really expensive Dior Air Jordan 1s!

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