TBT: Nike Stussy Dunks Are the OG Ice Cream Kicks!

TBT: Nike Stussy Dunks Are the OG Ice Cream Kicks!

Long before all the Chunky Dunky hype, there was a pair of sneakers. They were also a collaboration inspired by ice-cream! And because we love some yummy treats, whether for our tummy or feet, we love it. So let’s check out the Nike Stussy Dunk Low “Cherry” or “Neapolitan”!

Let’s Settle the Stussy Pronunciation Debate!

Some streetwear brand names are pretty difficult to pronounce. Whether they’re of French origins or the last names of founders, they can get confusing. And Stussy is no different since it’s actually the last name of Shawn Stussy the founder! At some point, all of us pronounced it “s-tuh-sy”  right? Well, that’s not how it is my friends. In fact, Family Guy set us straight when they pronounced it “stoo-see”, which is the correct way!

Stussy logo

Nike Stussy Dunk and Italian Ice Cream

Nike and Stussy are no stranger to collaborations. In fact, their first partnership dates back to 2001! And 4 years later, in 2005, they dropped a pretty cool colorway, literally. The Nike Stussy Dunk Cherry colorway is a direct nod to the Italian Neapolitan ice-cream!

Nike Stussy Dunk Neapolitan

So if we go with that we’ll find the chocolate overlays sitting atop the strawberry pink leather. But the look wouldn’t really be complete without a vanilla swoosh! And finally, to make ice cream look even more delicious, we usually add a cherry on top. Nike didn’t miss that either and they dropped a cherry on the tongue! Hence, the name Nike Stussy SB Dunk Cherry.

Nike Stussy Dunk Low Cherry

How Much Are the Nike Stussy SB Dunks Worth Today?

Now here’s an interesting story. The pair is actually a part of the Team Manager pack of 2005 along with Nike SB Dunk “Tiffany”. The two kicks are the best of the series. Although they retailed for more than the average Dunk Lows, their resale was even higher. The Nike Stussy Cherries went for an average of $300 for many years. However, 2019 and 2020 were the “renaissance” years of the Dunks. And when celebrities like Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner rock these kicks, everybody needs them suddenly! So how did the value of the Nike Stussy Dunks evolve?

Nike Stussy Dunk SB Cherry

Release Date: 7/1/2005
Retail Price: $150
Avg. Resale Value: $2,194

Nike Stussy: 2020 and Beyond

The Nike Stussy collaboration will turn 20 in 2021! And as we see it, this partnership is not stopping anytime soon. The latest collaborative pair was the interesting looking Nike Stussy Spiridon Cage 2! Although the silhouette and design are interesting, the drop didn’t really get much hype on the resale market. But who knows? The kicks might gain popularity some 10 years later!

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