Nike Undefeated: A New Take On The Beloved Air Max 90

Nike Undefeated: A New Take On The Beloved Air Max 90

Nike is always dropping popular and lovable sneakers and that’s a fact. Whether it’s a new colorway or a new collab, they always succeed at keeping us asking “What’s next?” Well, now we’ve got an answer! Next up is another Nike Undefeated collaboration to end the year in style. 

nike undefeated logo

Speaking of the end of the year, so many sneakers are releasing in 2020 and Yeezy 350 Zebra is restocking just in time for the holidays! And some affordable Christmas gifts for sneakerheads always come in handy!

Nike Undefeated Air Max 90: What You Should Know

The Los Angeles based store has been a very important part of the sneaker culture since its opening in 2002. And now, 17 years later they’re collaborating with Nike and releasing their take on the well-liked Air Max 90.

nike undefeated white

Eight different colorways will drop. Four will share the same black base while the rest will all be white! Each one of them is accented with a double-layered mudguard in distinct colors. The lining will be Blue, Red, Yellow or Green! And the most important detail is that the Nike Air logo on the heel badge is completely missing. Instead, we’ve got the Undefeated five strike logo on both heel badges. 

nike undefeated black

When and Where Will It Release?

Ahh, here comes the tricky part: 

The eight colorways of the Nike Undefeated collab will release at Undefeated exclusively on December 27. However, only the Blue and Yellow kicks will be available on December 30t on Nike SNKRS and select retailers worldwide. 

nike undefeated green

Why Should You Cop The Nike Undefeated AM90? 

Well, simply put, because you’ll get it for retail! At $150, it’s really not much for a sneaker that looks this good. If you need more incentive, the average resale value of the white/blue colorway is $265, and due to the exclusivity of the other colorways we expect their average resale values to go up! So here’s some extra cash for ya if you decide to flip.

nike undefeated all colorways

This is a sneaker that you’ll regret not having. It’s good to look at, fairly priced with a good resale value! Whether you’re going to flip or wear, the Undefeated Nike Air Max 90 is definitely worth running your bot!

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