Nike’s What the SB Dunks are the Next Crazy Shoes Around the Block

Nike’s What the SB Dunks are the Next Crazy Shoes Around the Block

If we wanna begin listing Nike’s most iconic partners, Paul Rodriguez will definitely be in the top part of this list. Well, the man deserves it, big time! And this year, Nike SB is honoring Paul with a very special pair. An extra wild one. And that’s with the release of the Nike What the SB Dunks colorway dropping soon.

Paul Rodriguez is one of the worthiest figures ever in Nike’s history. Half-way through 2021, and we can already call it a crazy year. And a crazy year calls for some crazy kicks. This Dunk has been given the Swoosh’s famous “What The” effect, blending design elements from Rodriguez’s extensive sneaker line with the brand. This “What the P-Rod” is a trip down memory lane for all Rodriguez stan fans.


What The SB Dunks: All About the Ancestors

Over the years, P-Rod and the Swoosh released many sneakers. Including SB Dunk collabs and signature silhouettes. This next What the SB Dunks pair is a multi-colored variation that blends many of those together.

The What The SB Dunks are mismatched kicks that combine details from the skateboarder’s signature Nikes and other previous collabs. Now, ten signature shoes later, these What The SB Dunks are everything. Saying that it’s difficult to describe them is an understatement. Other than the outrageous patterns and colors that dress this shoe, both pairs aren’t even the same. Apart from the two pairs being completely different, they definitely have one thing in common: They’re both bizarre!


Onto the Details

So, let’s move onto the most notable parts of this shoe. As the toe box of one pair references the P-Rod 1 “Mexican Blanket”, the other features the P-Rod “Stash”. These sneakers also include an elephant print that nods to the Air Jordan 1 P-Rod 1 “J-Rod”. Other remarkable details are the gradient Swoosh from the Playstations, the quilted linings, and the lozenge tiling patterns. And the list goes on. Wrapping up this crazy pair is a mismatching set of yellow and red laces, topped off with mismatching branded dubraes.


“What the” Cop?

These Nike What The SB Dunks are simply a huge tribute in footwear form. The P-Rod What will drop on May 24, 2021, for $150. We know it’s a bit more than your usual Dunks, but it’s worth the pay fam.  Trust us on this one. Or just trust the resale market. With an average resale of $1,500, would you really want to miss out on this neck-breaker? Whether you choose to flip multiples, or just a pair or two, you’re more than good to go. But you ain’t going nowhere without the best bot out there. You know you’re A-game!

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