November 12 Supreme Keywords and Early Links

November 12 Supreme Keywords and Early Links

Below are the suggested Supreme keywords/early links for November 12 Release.

DISCLAIMER: we did our best so those keywords and links are correct. We are not responsible if they did not work well.

If you do not have our Supreme bot ( no reason why not ? ) , make sure you order it now from here: ANB Supreme Bot and use “Super10off” for 10% off. ๐Ÿ˜€

Learn more how to use our Supreme bot by checking this manual: Supreme Bot Manual

Start the bot 1-2 minutes before the release.

Follow us on Twitter: @AnotherNikeBot to keep an eye on any changes.

Make sure you watch the setup video as well:

November 12 Supreme Drop



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November 12 Supreme Keywords for New Page Monitor:

Keywords to use in Page Monitor. Check the colors that are dropping.

After the keywords add CCC then add the color.
Example: S&Logo&6-PanelCCCRed


Keyword: Supreme/Champion’sยฎ&Jacket&Puffy
Available Colors: Royal, Black, White, Red

Keyword: Moleskin&Army&Shirt
Available Colors: Green, Black, Red, Navy

Keyword: Logo&Waffle&Thermal
Available Colors: Grey, Red, Black, White

Keyword: Small&Box&Thermal
Available Colors: White, Red, Navy, Camo, Grey, Black

Keyword: Ski&Goggle
Available Colors: Red, Royal, Black

Keyword: Polar&Fleece&Earflip
Available Colors: Red, Black, Teal


November 12 Early Links:

Coming soon.


( Those links might change – so if you are using our bot please use both link and keywords monitor )


Visit our homepage or AIO bot website forย more information and assistance.

Follow us on Twitter for fresh news and updates: @AnotherNikeBot or @ANB_AIO


Good luck!

Supreme Keywords

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