Shopify Bots & The List of Shopify Sneaker Stores

Shopify Bots & The List of Shopify Sneaker Stores

Starting your own online store has never been easier thanks to Shopify. OK, I know that sounds like an advertisement, but it’s not – it’s the truth. The eCommerce platform allows you to build websites and gives life to your brand with personalized themes, designs, and marketing. How many of us know that some of our go-to sneaker and apparel brands are actually hosted on Shopify? Some of our go-to hyped brands are hosted on Shopify. When items are limited you need to pull out the heavy machinery: Shopify bots.

Shopify Bots

Shopify bots are programs that are compatible with every site that’s hosted by Shopify. It’s as simple as that. But here’s the problem with the term Shopify bots. Loads of developers will try to sell you a bot and claim it to be a Shopify bot when it’s not.

Shopify bots are supposed to support ALL Shopify sites. Some people will market their bots as Shopify bots yet only support some of the Shopify sites. It’s a marketing tactic that sneakerheads often fall victim to.

Another point is that it could be a scam. On their backup account, the Yeezy Mafia recently warned their fans that some people are getting their credit cards stolen on Shopify bots. And it’s only natural for some people to believe that their bot is a Shopify bot if they don’t even know how to tell whether or not a site is hosted by Shopify.

Shopify Site Check

As Shopify bots must work on all and every Shopify store, there must be no exceptions. So how do you even know if the stores you want to use the bot on is a Shopify store? A simple way is to find (Ctrl + F) the word Shopify on the main page. If that way doesn’t work then you should Inspect (Ctrl + Shift + I) the page then find (Ctrl + F) the word Shopify in that sidebar. It should be highlighted like in this capture:

Shopify bot article photo

Another way to find out if the store is on Shopify is to add to cart and check the “Contact Information” page, they all have the same form as that in the screenshot below:

shopify bots sites


Shopify Stores


If you’re looking for Shopify bots that support all stores, then don’t let marketing claims fool you. Read between the fine lines. Be sure to ask the customer support whether or not the bot you want to buy supports all Shopify stores or only some. But if you’re looking for a sneaker bot that can cop from some of the most known Shopify stores, then check out AIO Bot. We don’t claim to have Shopify bots because we support a wide range of sneaker sites not only one hosted by Shopify.

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