Adidas Ditches Virgin Plastics for a Sustainable Stan Smith

Adidas Ditches Virgin Plastics for a Sustainable Stan Smith

Although we can only say a little positive about this pandemic, admit it or not, it has somewhat set priorities straight. Climate change is finally being addressed as a main concern. One brand that has joined the movement to save the planet is the sportswear giant: Adidas. The brand is hoping to apply a highly green approach to all its products. But the first to adopt it in 2021 is a sustainable Stan Smith version.

The Three Stripes Debuts Sustainable Stan Smith

sustainable stan smithAdidas has been listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) as a leader in sustainability for the past 20 years. The company is planning to eliminate virgin plastics ENTIRELY by 2024. It might seem far-fetched, but Adidas has already developed a status as a leader among its peers when it comes to green-produced shoes. However, Nike’s environmental initiatives always received more hype. But the truth is, Adidas is way more “green” and is proud to say it out LOUD.  When it comes to eco-conscious designs, the brand is now just as famous for its collaborations as it is for its sustainability.

Most shoes in the market today feature synthetic rubber, plastics, and other non-biodegradable materials. These harmfully made shoes leave a big carbon footprint on our planet. Gladly, in the past years, sustainable fashion has not only evolved but turned into a legit trend. This campaign allows customers to shop from a wider range of products, but this time: sustainably.

Adidas is on its way to a “more environmental future”. Worn by everyone, from your aunt to Kanye West, the “Stan Smith” is going to be the first to follow Adidas’ new sustainable guidelines. The iconic silhouette celebrates its 50th anniversary by honoring the new era of Adidas. Yup, Adidas’ “best-selling trainers” just got better!

Same-Same, But Different

Stan fans are lucky: the new version is the same as the OG, visually. The only difference is that this time, it is contributing to a better world.

The Forever collection has the same appearance, comfort, and function that we know and love. All minus the materials that are harmful to mother nature. Kinda like what happened with last year’s eco-friendly Superstar, by Sean Wotherspoon.

Green all over (not the color green, though): the leathers, rubbers, and even the laces.

This sustainable Stan Smith is made from 100% recycled polyester, with a premium PU coating all the way from Japan. This material intends to imitate the look and feel of leather, just the way you’ve always known the Stans.

Adidas is dropping three colorways of this sustainable Stan Smith. The shoes feature white PRIMEGREEN uppers and white recycled outsoles. Just like the name suggests, this variant is constructed out of Primegreen, a sustainable material that does not contain any virgin plastic. Other than that, high-performance recycled materials make-up the entire shoe.

Green, Greener, and Greenest

The first iteration includes a men’s release that stays the truest to the classic: clean white with a dash of green.

sustainable stan smith first iteration

The females version, on the other hand, has more noticeable environmental vibes. The pair shows doodles of flowers and planet-themed visuals. Unlike the original, the heel tabs on these ones are white, with ivory tongue graphics.
sustainable stan smith first iteration for womenThe second iteration features embossed illustrations of the orbicular sphere, gold eyelets, and the classic Stan green heel tabs. This one definitely screams “Mother Earth”.

sustainable stan smith second iteration

Lastly, the third pair features a white upper with hand-drawn-like doodle graphics all over. Paying homage to Mother Earth the best way possible! These hip drawings include colorful flowers, rain droplets, a globe, and Adidas’ signature Trefoil insignia. Just like the Stans we know, these kicks also have green heel tabs, and a white recycled rubber outsole.
sustainable stan smith third iterationAll pairs of the new collection come packaged in the same-old Adidas Originals blue box. This time, with a face-lift of 90 percent recycled paper. The boxes are then topped-off with stickers that reference the recycled material composition of the kicks.

Cleanest and Greenest Stan Smith Yet

Changing the world is a big project. But if everybody does a little, we’ll go far. Well, Adidas isn’t going to end plastic wastes all in all, but it’s definitely an awesome head start.

The Stan Smiths have remained a classic for 50 years now. I think it’s safe to say it won’t be going out of style anytime soon. This upgrade has made it even more appealing than ever. Let’s hope this sustainable Stan Smith leads the way for other legendary silhouettes to receive a rehab for a good cause. We’d love to see something similar from Kanye, tbh. Nature-friendly Yeezy’s, anyone?

The Adidas Originals Stan Smith collection launched globally back in January. You can find the collection on Adidas’ website in full-family size. Yup, even little sneakerheads get a chance to contribute with this pair!

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