TBT: Nike Dunk CDG may have inspired Off-White?

TBT: Nike Dunk CDG may have inspired Off-White?

In a recent article that showcases 2021’s Top Converse Collaborations, we mentioned the Off White Vulcanized kicks. Kicks that caused a 2018 frenzy as they pulled off beautifully a transparent upper. So, where’s the beef? I’ll tell you. Formerly to the Vulcanized the Off-White kicks release, CDG launched pretty similar dope kicks! The Nike Dunk CDG ‘Clear’ that some tend to forget about! So, did the Nike Dunk CDG inspire the iconic Off-White collab? Before we jump to conclusion, let’s first take a look at the Nike Dunk CDG ‘Clear’. 

A closer look at the Nike Dunk CDG “Clear”

The Nike Dunk CDG caused fury when it first appeared. These kicks dropped out of the blue without previous warning exclusively at the Japanese CDG stores. And for this reason, people fell head over heels in love with those hyped dunks. These unusual dunks feature transparent PVC toe box and uppers with a premium black leather finish. The heel had its piece of the clear concept also with a milky white translucent plastic cover. 

Nike Dunk CDG Clear

RELEASE DATE 02/08/2017

The Fantasy of Clear kicks 

So, again, were the Off-Whites inspired by this Nike Dunk CDG? I hate to break it down to you, but both big sneaker brands may have been inspired by a third party. Or at least that has been the case with the Nike Dunk CDG ‘Clear’. COMME des GARÇONS designer Rei Kawakubo attributed his concept to one of Danish author Hans Christian Andersen’s books. In his 1837 literary folktale called ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’, the emperor cared only about being dressed and not his empire. One day, two swindlers came and convinced him that they tailored invisible clothes. So, the king went out around his kingdom showing off “Invisible Clothes” when actually, he was wearing nothing. And Boom! Almost 2 centuries later, we’ve got the Hype Nike Dunk CDG ‘Clear’, the Vulcanized Off-white Converse, and.. That’s not it. 

Transparent Touches take over the sneaker industry

Believe it or not, it was not CDG nor Off White who came up with this modern twist. There was a whole time when people were freaking about see-through shoes. And that time is the early 2000’s. 

Back then, everyone had the leather, suede air force 1, and dunks. It was a viral street culture trend. However, sneaker fans wanted something out of the box. So Nike gave them the clear plastic shoes. The first clear sneakers that appeared were the ESPO x Nike Air Force II in 2004. 

These kicks were the first to expose the foot using translucent plastic. A couple of socks complemented the pair. I guess Nike wanted to make sure the socks game was on point. Besides, the Swoosh only released 1,000 pairs of these hot kicks so the resale value skyrocketed. 

ESPO x Nike Air Force II

ESPO x Nike Air Force II

In 2006, Nike released two more clear sneakers. But this time using the Nike air force 1 silhouette and air max 1. The Invisible Woman and Clot x Nike Kiss of Death. 

Nike Air Force 1 Low Fantastic 4 Invisible Woman (W)

Nike Air Force 1 Low Fantastic 4 Invisible Woman (W)
RELEASE DATE 01/01/2006


CLOT x Nike Air Max 1 “Kiss of Death”
RELEASE DATE 05/01/2006

Nike Dunk CDG Rewrites the Legacy of Clear kicks

After those last two, the hype of clear sneakers faded away. It barely made it for 2 years. However, the Japanese label CDG was the one to bring back the hype of clear pairs. And reimagine the dunks in a full avant-garde look. So, to answer our original question, we don’t really know if Off-white was influenced by the Nike Dunk CDG. But, what we are certain about are 3 things. First, that Nike Dunk CDG clear are the kicks that brought hype back to clear kicks. Second, although clear kicks are not a 2021 sneaker trend, they are pretty dope. And last, the sneaker industry is full of surprises and cash you can claim a share of if you have the right sneaker bot to help you.

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