TBT: Why Nike SB Day of the Dead is Immortal

TBT: Why Nike SB Day of the Dead is Immortal

Following the Chinese New Year release details, we feel like we’re still in the mood for celebrations! That’s why, for this TBT, we picked another swag Nike cultural collection. Have you guessed it? Of course you did, the title exposed it already. So, el Día de Los Muertos! Or as we know it, Nike SB Day of the Dead. 

A Day of Remembrance

Day of the dead

The day of the dead or precisely, the days of the dead are a two-days Holiday in Mexico. It is a celebration of life and death. In other words, Mexicans take this chance to commemorate their deceased loved ones but with festivities. Furthermore, families come together to construct altars and decorate them using vibrant oranges and purples, add ofrendas (offerings) and pray for their deceased.  This holiday starts on October 31 (Halloween) and lasts till November 2nd. 

Visiting Mexico during those days is actually fantastic. The whole land would be filled with the tongue-twister flower named cempasúchil. Graveyards and streets would be decorated with Calacas skeleton figurines. And, it’s normal to see children during this holiday dancing in parades and eating skull sugar molds while having death face paintings. These cheerful festivals teach kids to appreciate every moment and more importantly not fear death. Mexican academics believe that the holiday portrays Aztec Rituals. 

What does Nike have to do with all of this?  

The athletic wear giant Nike is known, since the beginning, for its love to celebrate cultural moments. In that manner, Nike releases special editions during Black History Month, West Indies Day, Puerto Rico Day and so on. What adds the thrill level is the fact that the releases come out using iconic Nike silhouettes. In 2020’s Day of the dead collection, Nike incorporated Air Jordan, Air Max and more. 

However, Nike SB Day of the Dead is actually the most hype. It is in fact the crème de la crème of the Nike Mexican inspiration. The Nike SB day of the dead is the second dunk to draw from Mexican heritage. However, it is arguably the OG SB of Mexican style. It feeds Nike fans’ appetite for SB nostalgia and cultural patterns. 

Nike SB Day of the Dead worn

Nike SB Day of the Dead Alive

The Nike SB Dunk Low “Day of the Dead” proves Mexicans’ love for celebration rather than mourning. One look at its current resale price and you’ll know that these kicks are anything but dead. Goat even got a higher resale price. These kicks released exclusively in Mexico and Canada which made them highly wanted! 

The Nike Sb Day of the Dead is designed by Christian Salinas Medina. The designer transmitted the spirit of the occasion in many ways. First, the shoes depict the Aztec God of the underworld inhaling the living and exhaling them to the dead. In addition, the colorway of these hype sneakers replicate those of the Day of the Dead decoration. Moreover, the shoes come in a black suede, vibrant orange leather, and reptile-textured swoosh. The shoes host Purple accents along the material edges to give it a skeleton feel. The skeleton pattern continues and features in the transparent outsole. 

Nike SB Day of the Death

Nike SB Day of the Death Outsole

Release: 2006-01-02
Resale: + $2700 

Join the Day of the Dead Familia 

Want a piece of this success? Keep checking and following our anb blog. The Nike Day of the Dead is an annual collection! Train yourself well with this full copping guide along the wait. 

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