TBT: Taking us Back to the Good Days of the Off-White Jordan 1 Release

TBT: Taking us Back to the Good Days of the Off-White Jordan 1 Release

Another Thursday, another sneaker throwback! We love a good TBT, fam! It takes us back to the good old days of the greatest sneaker drops in sneaker history! Sometimes, there are things that you just can’t and won’t let go of – like the Off-White Jordan 1 release back in 2018! Sigh. Virgil Abloh and Nike created one of the most iconic fashion statements. You will definitely not be able to forget an Off-White x Nike sneaker. The Off-White Jordan 1 is the perfect blend of sick performance and epic style! It’s got the clean, slick, and modern look! Everyone literally lost their minds when this sneaker dropped! It just makes us look forward to the best sneaker releases in 2021! The best thing about it all is that you could also be starting your own sneaker reselling business this year. Lots of kicks to cop, lots to flex, and LOTS to flip.

Off-White Jordan 1 For Life!

Jordan 1 colorways always get sneakerheads on their toes and their best sneaker bots on the ready-to-cop! It’s a no-brainer when it comes to any Jordan release honestly. The WHITE Off-White Jordan 1 came as a second chance for sneakerheads who failed to cop on the first release of the Off-White Nike sneakers in 2017 – of course, those are probably the ones who tried copping without a sneaker bot. But, people learn from their mistakes. They constructed the perfect all-white Jordan with a small hint of the signature Off-White black writing, a deconstructed Swoosh, and flecks of color – it had the best vivid pops of blue and orange that you never knew you need on your sneakers. The Off-White Jordan 1, based on one of the best Jordan 1 colorways “Chicago”, dropped back in 2018 for a retail price of $190.

Off-White Jordan 1 Sneaker - TBT - ANB Bot

It’s a pretty decent price for an Off-White Jordan 1, especially if it’s an all-white one! But, the resale on this sneaker happens to be iconic on its own. People still want to get their hands on a pair of these sick AJ1s. It’s still a hefty price to pay! Unless you go for a used one, then you can expect to pay around 1.5K! What? Did you think you’d pay less than that?

Copping the Off-White Nike Jordan 1 in 2021

Wanna buy a new pair of the Off-White Jordan 1 today? Well, you gotta pay an average price of $3,368, man! We can’t make this price up! It’s the sad sad truth. But, on the bright side, there are other ways we can make you VERY happy this year. Apparently, the long-awaited Off-White Jordan 1 in Canary Yellow has a possible release date coming up in 2021. That’s a release we’ve been dying to see for such a long time. Even if you did not manage to cop the white AJ1, this yellow sneaker is actually pretty dope. We’ve already got our sneaker bots on ready for the drop. We’re always prepared for any last-minute surprises – ain’t ever gonna take no Ls on any releases anymore! 

It might not be a year of the Ten, but it definitely is the year of sick releases. We could already tell because of the Air Jordan 1 UNC drop! That was epic! Just make sure you have your foot size right before you cop any sneakers, or that’ll be the biggest L you gotta take. And that’s on you! You ain’t going to be flexing no oversized Jordans like some clown dude!

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