The Appeal of Adidas NMD sneakers

The Appeal of Adidas NMD sneakers

Adidas appears to have responded well to consumer demand with its Adidas NMD sneakers. The Adidas NMD’s have been available at retail shops for less than a year. But following their December 2015 introduction, they quickly caught fire and became the sneaker of the moment. Especially for buyers who wanted the latest in sneaker technology and innovation combined with comfort and style. Adidas is seeking to capitalize on this popularity with a full collection of color BOOST NMD’s that it introduced in August 2016 with projected availability dates in September.

Yeezys Vs. Adidas NMD Sneakers

It is too soon to tell if the Adidas NMD sneakers will support the same robust resale market that grew out of Yeezy’s. which have been around for at least seven years. Comments from retailers suggest that Adidas has more than just captured lightning in a bottle with the NMD. The NMD sneaker’s appeal comes from its combination of stylish material and high-quality workmanship. Its monotone upper colors and accented white soles reflect the current streetwear aesthetic with a shoe that provides extraordinary comfort.Adidas nmd sneakers 1

Some fashion critics have opined that the NMD is only a next-generation model of the Adidas Ultra Boost. That may be true for the shoe’s current design, but not necessarily for the future. The NMD sneaker is a contemporary casual show that looks nothing like a typical performance sneaker. Adidas sees the NMD as an everyday complement to the Ultra Boost. Which continues to be more of a sport and performance shoe. The silhouettes, material choices, and range of colors that Adidas is introducing over the next twelve months for the NMD will give a better understanding of the longevity of this shoe’s appeal.

How Many Pairs Are There?

Adidas appears to be marketing its NMD sneaker with an eye toward having the shoe hold or increase its value over time. The NMD design is minimal, but Adidas launched that design with a canvas that allows for multiple future revisions. Between December 2015 and February 2016, Adidas made the shoe available only through its top tier of distributors and in limited color options. This slow lead-in allowed Adidas to take an early measure of the shoe’s appeal and to build a healthy buzz around the shoe. After February, Adidas made the shoe more broadly available. Retailers reported lines out their doors of purchasers who were seeking Adidas NMD sneakers.

This has been a wild ride for retailers. The quantities and styles of NMD sneakers that we got so far were few. Leaving many fans with nothing while others hurried to purchase them when a retailer received a shipment. This demand continues to grow almost a year after the NMD was first introduced.

Why is it so IN?

Adidas nmd sneakers 2The NMD’s greatest appeal may be that it is designed to be a trend-breaker with a futuristic appeal and technology, yet it is sleek enough to look like an immediate classic. This combination of technology and fashion had previously been a rarity in sneaker design. Purchasers will likely continue to remain watchful for new versions of Adidas NMD sneakers. IF they want to remain at the forefront of the trend.

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