TBT: Tiffany Dunk, A Sneakerhead’s Best Friend. And Most Valuable!

TBT: Tiffany Dunk,  A Sneakerhead’s Best Friend. And Most Valuable!

Through this TBT, we’ll bring you back in time, slightly more than fifteen years! To the dope sneaker, or more of the reminiscent legacy of the Tiffany Dunk. For those old at the sneaker game, we can see your facial expressions changing. However, if you are new to this old sport, don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it. 

So.. What Is the Tiffany Dunk?

Long before the Yeezy line even existed, the dope Tiffany Dunk altered the sneaker industry. This Nike SB collab with Diamond Supply Co. turned heads around when it was first released in 2005. 

Tiffany Dunk Makes a Skate Scene 

Being one of the most Hyped sneakers EVER, the Tiffany Dunk changed the SB family game forever. In fact, back at that time, the SB line did not have release dates set ahead and published. It was a time where MySpace account or word of mouth were the only media to know the latest SB drops! Add to those mystery drops, Nike and Nicky Diamond, founder of Diamond Supply co. had a great strategy planned. Those masterminds dropped a limited quantity (only 4,000 pairs) of Turquoise and black Nike SB Low Tiffany Dunk at skate shops globally. Sneakerheads wanted the pair so bad, they drew long lines and camped out in front of the retailer shops. The only word that pops to our mind to describe the situation back then is the word Hectic!


Nike Tiffany Dunk Low Diamond On FeetBut … wait a second, 

Who is Diamond Supply co.?

Diamond Brand is a skateboard hardware line founded in 1998 by Nicholas Tershay in his bedroom. Two years later, the designer, AKA Nick Diamond, expanded the line and cooperated with powerful distribution houses. Moreover, the brand brought up high quality hard and soft skateboard goods that captured the hearts of skateboard communities. PS: Don’t forget that the skateboard community is one of the pillars of the sneaker industry.  

What Makes Tiffany Dunk special? 

The answer to that is actually quite simple! Other than its low stock, this Diamond Dunk pulled out a colorway that was never dressed a sneaker before. It actually showcases diamond Supply co.’s color palette. Don’t forget that Diamond Supply co. is a skateboard powerhouse! Add to that the famous Nike SB silhouette and you’ve got yourselves The dope drop of 2005! 

Diamond kicks heat up the summer of 2005

The Tiffany Dunk is arguably the most luxurious looking sneaker of that time. It was so dope that the SB “Pigeon” was off the wall for a while. The SB Tiffany Dunk showed off an OG Colorway. They featured a mix of Aqua blue leather, lack crocodile-embossed leather, and a metallic silver Swoosh. These materials are finished off with a simple B&W sole and a white stitching.

Nike SB Tiffany Dunk Low

RELEASE DATE 08/01/2005


These kicks are insanely hyped! With an original price of around $100, these kicks are till TODAY worth more than $2,700

Tiffany, Not Back at the game  

In 2014, Nick Diamond and Nike got back together again for a new version of the Tiffany Dunk. They decided to celebrate the OG’s 13th anniversary with a high-top version. However, this 2014 version was not that much of a hit. In fact, at that time, Kanye released its bold Red October on the same weekend as the new Tiffany Dunk. Mr. West’s def drop seemed to overshadow the new Dunks. Or, that they simply didn’t have the same surprise factor of the OG kicks. 

However, you don’t really need to feel bad for the Tiffany Dunk. This was just an off time for the fantastic Nike x Diamond Supply co. collabs. Diamond co. will remain everybody’s shoe best friend! For more Dunk news, keep checking the anb blog.

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