Where to Buy The New Yeezy Cinder This Saturday

Where to Buy The New Yeezy Cinder This Saturday

Well hello there. It’s the Yeezy Cinder and it’s almost here! We can’t deny the fact that we’re very excited about this drop! Why? Because it’s the closest we can get to a black Yeezy without actually owning one. Black Yeezys deal a hard hand to us every time they drop. But worry no more! After a long line of similar yet different Yeezy 350 colorways, an unexpected drop can finally be your W!

Yeezy Cinder Got Us Confused!

Is it black? Is it grey? Of course not. It’s the color of coal that’s not on fire anymore but could give you a pretty strong burn if you touch it! And maybe that was the inspiration behind Kanye’s latest colorway! To be honest, we wouldn’t be surprised if it is because we’re used to Ye’s weird muses. Remember the Desert Sage?

Yeezy Cinder Pair -

Anyway, the kicks feature a cinder black Primeknit upper that could almost pass for pure black in the right lighting. The boost midsole sits atop a gum outsole for some extra swag. And honestly, if it wasn’t for that gum outsole we wouldn’t be able to tell the Cinders and Blacks apart. Now the cherry on top is the bold yellow covering word boost on the outsoles. Not a huge, or a very visible change, but if you flex ‘em right your fam should know you copped!

Yeezy Cinder Outsole

Release Deets

A reflective version of the kicks is also in the works. However, we don’t know when they’re releasing yet. If everything goes as usual, the Yeezy Cinder Reflective will probably drop a day or 2 before its matte counterpart. And taking into account all the similarities we’re hoping for a high resale price for the Yeezy Cinder Reflective. In addition, the iconic reflective Blacks are selling for $1000+ on StockX and we expect nothing less from the upcoming Charcoal-ish colorway.

Yeezy cinder

Release Date: March 21, 2020
Retail Price: $220
Average Resale Value: $411

The resale value is almost two times the retail price, and that’s some really easy money in our opinion! And even if you don’t wanna flip the Yeezy Cinder, do you really wanna miss the chance to cop these babies at retail

AIO Bot users copped the Yeezy Desert Sage like crazy! And with our latest updates in the works, we’re looking at a feast come the Yeezy Cinder’s launch.

Where To Buy Yeezy Cinder

You can find and cop Yeezy Cinder at the following stores:

Now, these aren’t going to be regional Yeezys, and shipping should not be an issue for most regions around the world. However, if you happen to live somewhere unrecognized by Yeezy and Adidas, read this guide to know how to cop.

Yeezy Cinder On Feet

So, We Coppin’ or Droppin’? 

It’s a really easy choice, isn’t it? If you’re still thinking about it, just remember: we’re probably not getting any 350s remotely close to black anytime soon! So take that chance and rev your bot to cop Yeezy Cinder, but you better have the right storage for it.

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